These Workout Accountability Apps Actually Pay YOU To Work Out

Download one of these workout accountability apps to kickstart those fitness goals!

apps that pay you to work out healthy wager app open on smartphone

Get out what you put in! 🏋️‍♀️ 

Using fitness accountability apps that pay you to work out is a great way to turn your health & lifestyle goals into cash!

With the help of these clever smartphone apps, you can actually make money by reaching your fitness and diet goals. The strategy to success is the monetary gain (or loss) that holds you accountable for your healthy progress.

Check out some of these workout accountability apps:

1. Lose weight as a team with Healthy Wage, and split up to $10,000.

woman doing workout class for healthy wage

Support is key when working toward a weight loss goal, so why not enjoy the journey as a team with a fitness accountability app that pays you to work out?! With Healthy Wage, you can sign up with friends, family, and co-workers as a team (or be added to an already existing team), and the team with the highest percentage of weight loss wins $10,000! Whoa! 😱

Plus, if you maintain your weight for 6 months after the challenge, you’ll even win your entry fee back and you’ll have 24/7 access to the HW Coach via the Support Feed!

If a team setting isn’t your thing, Healthy Wage also offers personal jackpots and individual challenges. If you do encourage friends to sign up to use the app, you’ll have a bonus added to your prize, and they’ll get an extra incentive bonus, too!

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Arguably the most fun part of this app is calculating your potential winnings! You indicate your desired weight, the timeframe to get you there, monthly wager, and enter some details about your existing weight. Then the handy tool will give you a winning amount if you meet your goal!

“I’m using Healthy Wage right now for the 2nd time. The first time I lost 50 lbs in 6 months and won almost $800! Now I am on track to lose 35 lbs in 6 months to win over $600!” – Denise, Hip2Save reader

2. Lose 4-10% of your weight and share success among friends with DietBet.

scale with apple and measuring tape on surface

Place your bet in the bidding pool, reach the weight loss goal, and winners split the pot—it’s that easy!

Just join one of DietBet’s weight loss games that begin each week to get started. There are various levels based on your weight loss goals: Kickstarter (4% of body weight in 4 weeks), Transformer (10% of body weight in 6 months), and Maintainer (keep the weight off for 12 months).

apps that pay you to workout — screenshots of dietbet app on ios

You can even join betting pools hosted by other DietBet app users or start your own pool with family and friends! With their 7-day risk-free cancellation policy, cheating prevention methods, and No Lose guarantee, what do you have to lose (except for pounds and inches)?

3. Reach daily step goals over a 6-week period with StepBet.

close up of woman wearing sneakers in active step

From the same company that owns DietBet, StepBet is another fitness accountability app that pays you to work out and helps enforce healthy exercise habits by syncing to your activity tracker.

Similar to DietBet, you set your personal goals, except in this case it’s in the form of steps — then place a bid. If you stay true to your bet and hit your goals throughout the game, you’ll split the pot with the other winners! Even better, this app is compatible with Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Garmin!

apps that pay you to work out — stepbet screenshots on ios

The app allows for a grace period in the first week as a warmup so users understand how the tracking process works (and to make sure that your connected device is syncing properly). Bets are typically around $40, which can seem a bit high, but it adds an extra layer of encouragement to get out there and get stepping!

“StepBet is a really easy-to-use app that pays you to work out and all the users are very supportive. You can share/ask questions and everyone helps out and supports each other with positive feedback. I’m on my 7th StepBet currently and I’ve earned a little over $50 and you always get your original $40 back if you make it to the end.

You get an active goal that you have to meet 4 times per week and a power goal that you have to meet twice a week. The power goal is usually about 2500 steps more than your active goal. It also evaluates your current step amount when calculating so you are given realistic goals.

The best part – I’ve lost 35 pounds in the process so that in itself is the best reward! I find that StepBet just keeps you accountable to be active – plus a little money added in the end. Good luck!” – Mellissa, Hip2Save reader

4. The workout accountability app WayBetter encourages users with weekly challenges!

exercise mat with weights and balance ball

The parent company of DietBet and StepBet, WayBetter is the ultimate workout accountability app! It offers a unique assortment of weekly challenges, including games to eat and feel better. Over a hundred million dollars have been paid out to winners! On top of exercising, WayBetter helps you complete attainable and sustainable eating and drinking habits that are healthy.

To get started, you’ll complete a quiz about your health goals. From there, it’ll come up with a plan and timeframe to make your goals a reality.

5. Download Evidation to participate in health studies for cash or charities.

woman wearing a smart watch using workout accountability app that pay you to work out

Formerly known as Achievement, Evidation allows you to earn cash for doing simple tasks like tracking your steps, logging food, meditation sessions, sleep, and logging miles biked. This workout accountability app is backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley; their ultimate mission is to collect research so that they’re able to help make America healthier. Getting paid to eat well, walk, and even sleep has never been easier!

As a member of this workout app, you will also be given the opportunity for extra ways to earn cash by taking surveys or contributing to cutting-edge health research. The chance at participating in these studies is totally optional, and you must meet study requirements in order to participate.

Even more convenient, the app also allows you to link 20+ fitness apps to track healthy activities on Fitbit, Google Fit, Dexcom, and more! You’ll earn $10 for every 10,000 points and these rewards are paid out pretty quickly (within 3-7 business days). Achievers can redeem cash directly into their PayPal account or bank account of choice. Plus, if you decide you don’t need the cash you can also opt to donate your earnings to a charity! What are you waiting for?!

“I just earned another $10 prepaid Visa card from Evidation! Mind you I run a lot, so it takes a bit to rack up 10,000 points, but still awesome to get an unexpected $10!” – Gisette, Hip2Save reader

6. The Dick’s Sporting Goods Move program allows you to collect store gift cards. 

apps that pay you to work out hands holding iphone with dick's sporting goods move workout accountability app on screen

If you’re a ScoreCard member at Dick’s Sporting Goods (free to join), you can earn 3 ScoreCard points every day through their app! All you have to do is complete one of the following daily activity goals as reported by a third-party fitness device to the MOVE fitness tracker on Dick’s Sporting Goods mobile app:

  • Reach at least 10,000 steps with Fitbit, Apple Health, or Garmin trackers
  • Reach at least 3 miles with MapMyRun or MapMyFitness
  • Complete at least 30 minutes of fitness activity

Every time you reach 300 points you’ll receive a $10 gift card in the mail or via email when you sign up for their eRewards program.

man on pedal bike machine in gym

Not only will you earn cash to spend at DSG but you’ll also get all the same benefits of your ScoreCard when shopping online or in-store to rack up even more points. While we realize you won’t be earning physical cash through this program, chances are, you have plenty of things to buy at Dick’s with your awesome new lifestyle habits.

“I love using Move! The points add up quickly and you get 100 points when you sign up. Once you have 300 points, they issue you a $10 reward to use at their store! Sometimes they do challenges as well. It’s a great way to save when shopping at Dick’s!” – Cristine, Hip2Save reader

7. Exercise for good and raise money using Charity Miles.

large group of people running on highway in organized race workout accountability app

While this app doesn’t pay you to work out, it turns each step you take into a donation for a worthwhile cause. When you download the Charity Miles app, you simply pick your desired charity and get moving! No matter how you move, you’ll earn money for the charity you chose when you complete each mile.

screenshots of charity miles app on android

But where does the money come from? Charity Miles partners with major corporations to leverage their media budget to funnel the funds to charities instead. In exchange, those companies can advertise on the app for less spending, so everyone involved wins! You can even share your activity on social media to gain sponsorship from friends and family!

Have a dog?! 🦮

woman with her arm around dog sitting on steps

WoofTrax is another great way to donate to a charity, and you can do so for free just by walking your pup around the block or going for a hike! The more people participating with this free pet workout accountability app, the greater the donation to your selected animal organization!

8. Your health insurance may pay you, too. 

wrist wearing FitBit charge workout accountability app

Some readers suggest calling your health insurance provider – there’s a chance they offer an app that will pay you to work out and stay healthy too!

Here’s what one of our Hip2Save readers shared about her health insurance experience:

“My health insurance has an app that syncs to my Fitbit. If I meet the goal I get $20/month! This is part of their healthy lifestyle reward (they used to give a set amount toward a gym membership) but it seems super easy to earn money and it’s totally a no-brainer for me!” – Megan 

While we love that these accountability apps have created a clever way to keep users motivated to stick with fitness goals, some do require you to use your own money as an investment, which may not be for everyone.

But if you’ve been waiting for an extra incentive to stick to your healthy lifestyle habits, give these fun fitness apps a try!

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