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Don’t miss out on unclaimed money!💰

According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, on average, about 1 in every 10 people has “unclaimed money.” Could you be one of them? Keep reading to find out how!🤞

These can be funds from past employers, utility companies, stocks, mutual funds, safe deposit box contents, uncashed checks, insurance policies, and more.

Missing Money Check

You may not know this, but businesses send money to state-run unclaimed property offices when they can’t locate the owner. And the best part is, you can find it on your own for FREE, using official databases like, Missing Money, or the Unclaimed Money directory on

You may be a bit leery that Missing Money has an address ending with .com. Not to worry, after you enter your name/state, will take you to your state comptroller site. These are usually .gov or .org sites. Those are where you’ll enter your personal info, and they are secure sites.

It’s quick and easy to perform a search and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results – ideally some extra money you would never have known about otherwise! We’ve had readers score anywhere from 30¢ to thousands of dollars!🤯

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Here’s how to search for and claim your unclaimed money:

  • Click here and click on your state
  • Follow the instructions to search for unclaimed funds based on your state
  • If you find a match, complete a claim form. Most states and provinces require a specific form to be completed which asks for pertinent information about the property and proof of ownership, such as copies of a checkbook, passbook, bonds, etc.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the specified form. You may need to supply additional documentation for verification.
  • The claim form and ID are then mailed to the state for review. The state will respond to you directly after they have reviewed your submission and verified that you are the rightful owner.
  • Most states send you an acknowledgment letter after receiving your claim. Claims processing time frames vary between states and provinces and property to property based upon claim activity.

HIP TIP: Unclaimed property is reported to the state in which the company or organization resides. It’s not uncommon to have unclaimed money in multiple states, especially if you have moved around to different states!

Missing Money Check

Check out comments from readers who found out they had missing money!

TY HIP2SAVE for the reminder!!! I checked for a friend & she had over $8,500 in unclaimed property. – Hip reader, Lisa

Just got money back from a bank account I closed that was still in my maiden name and prior address ($50)! Thank you!! – Hip reader, Mo

OMG Thank you! I just found $800+ owed to my parents from some class action lawsuits! :O – Hip reader, Sam

I check this every time you post this and find money for friends and family. I then tell them where and how to apply for the funds. I’ve found almost $10,000 in total!!!! For me, $0.00! I did this once at my family reunion’s banquet. I had people pull out their cell phones and look it up immediately. We had almost 25% of the room with missing, now found money.

Keep checking back. I do it every few months because the information changes regularly. – Hip reader, Sonya

I just received a check for almost 700.00!!!! I also found money for my mom and dad!!! This is very valuable information. I wanted to say thanks a million! – Hip reader, Jackie

I’ve done these searches for myself as well as family members, for years. I once found a hefty sum for my aunt, who insisted on giving me a “finders fee”, because at 80 years old, she said she would never have found it on her own. LOL. I have another family member who won’t claim hers because she feels like it’s a scam. I assured her it’s a .gov, and is not a scam. Can’t do much to convince her. Hip reader, Cindy