Submit Receipts on the Fetch App to Earn Gift Cards


Fetch App

Use the Fetch app to get gift cards galore for FREE!💰

It’s easy! Just download the Fetch Rewards app and use your receipts from almost any store or restaurant to earn rewards on your everyday purchases! You can even add your receipts for online orders, too! 🙌

In addition, you can spin to win additional bonus points each day when you upload / scan a receipt!

Fetch App in Use

Earning gift cards with the Fetch app is beyond easy!

Amazon Gift Cards in hand

Fetch is the super-simple money-making app that absolutely everyone should have on their phone! With Fetch, you can upload receipts from ANY store or restaurant (or enter your eReceipts using the handy receipt scanner), earn points, and then redeem them for gift cards to your favorite stores!

And guess what? Not only is it easy to earn rewards with the Fetch app, but it’s fast too! 💰💨

Within seconds of scanning your receipts or e-receipts, you’ll see the points in your account, where they’re ready for you to swap for gift cards to hundreds of popular stores like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Dunkin’, Walmart, Best Buy, Old Navy, ULTA, Chipotle, AMC Theaters, and so many more!

Didn’t remember to scan your receipts right away? Don’t sweat it! You have 14 days after the purchase date to scan your receipts and earn points. There’s NO preloading of coupons and you do NOT need to scan items individually from your receipts! 👏

Scanning receipts to fetch rewards app

Points on points on points! 🌟

If you want to watch your points pile up even faster, Fetch Rewards also offers additional opportunities for you to earn bonus points on top of regular points every time you purchase a participating brand! Participating Fetch Rewards brands include Huggies, Goodnites, Kraft, Godiva, Caress, Axe, Vaseline, Aquafina, Pop Secret, and many more.

Save on Huggies diapers with the Fetch App and use this Fetch Rewards Referral Code

If you have a little one in diapers, be sure to sign up for the Huggies Rewards+ program in the Fetch app, too. By doing so, you’ll unlock surprise rewards when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes – in addition to all of all the Fetch points you’ll earn! 🤗

“A fun aspect about Fetch Rewards is that they have rewards programs inside the program! So far I’ve seen PepsiCo and Huggies, but there may be more.

Once you join the Huggies program, you receive exclusive offers for bonus points on Huggies products, and once you spend certain amounts you earn even more rewards. Sometimes these offers stack too, when I first signed up, I got 5,000 points for spending $50, 5,000 points for buying specific Huggies diapers, and 1,000 points for buying Huggies wipes! 

I purchased the $50 on one receipt and received ALL the offers. They are also offering new daily points when you scan a receipt. It spins a cute little wheel and gives you the chance to earn extra points. So far I’ve only won small amounts but every little bit adds up!”– Chelsey L., Hip2Save team

hand holding phone with amazon app on screen

Adding digital receipts to the Fetch app is a no-brainer!

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you’re going to kick yourself for not doing this sooner. Just connect your Amazon account or email address, and Fetch will add your rewards points automatically every time you purchase something from or the Amazon shopping app — Easy peasy!

woman holding cellphone with fetch rewards app on screen

Check out these other Hip team comments about Fetch Rewards:

I downloaded and started using Fetch after it was shared with me by another team member. I actually had no idea about it before 😃, however now I am submitting all my receipts like crazy. LOL! It’s so easy and fun to use. The best part is earning free Starbucks gift cards.

You can easily hook up your Amazon account and email for other online purchases. I even have my husband signed up so I could get the referral points 🙂. I love seeing the random foods/products that yield lots of points – it’s kind of a fun game. 🤣

Also if I see a receipt on the ground now I totally grab it like a crazy person to scan it – Is that allowed? IDK…LOL” – Lina, Hip2Save team

“I second what Lina said! I’m also the crazy person that grabs receipts off the ground to snap a picture of! 😆 I find myself asking for a receipt at times where I normally wouldn’t have – like gas stations, Starbucks, etc. – just so I can scan it and earn some points! I also have my Amazon and e-mail account linked up for easy e-receipt redemptions.

I haven’t cashed in yet, but the rewards are actually ones you want to earn! The Fetch app is seriously FUN and SO EASY! No redeeming offers or extra work, just scan and earn! 🙌 – Jessica, Hip2Save team

“My favorite thing about Fetch is that it works on literally any receipt. Our local grocery store isn’t hooked into things like Ibotta or, etc., and I like to shop there so I’m supporting a local business. Once I realized Fetch counts their receipts, too, I was so excited to at least get a little something back.

I also had no idea until the other day when I was testing other things, but it for sure does accept receipts like McDonald’s, gas stations, etc. It’s a little slow to add up, but it’s also the easiest app earner, ever.” – Liza, Hip2Save team

“I used to be team Ibotta, but after I discovered the Fetch app it’s like I can’t trust any other app to be as easy or as incentivizing! 🤩 (Possibly a Fetch snob? 🤣)

The gift cards ALWAYS COME. The receipts ALWAYS SCAN. I’ve never had an issue – it’s wonderful! Plus, watching the little points add up (and the cute animation) is just so satisfying! 😍 There’s no ‘wait time,’ ya know? So it’s just scan, save, immediate points. So rewarding.

With Ibotta I used to always forget to tap the offers beforehand, so anything that I can do after the fact and still save is my kind of app! FETCH for life!! 🐕 – Chelsey E., Hip2Save team

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