Take Surveys on the AttaPoll App & Earn Legit Money!

Is the AttaPoll app legit?

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If you’re looking for an easy way to earn a little extra cash, taking online surveys can be a great option.

You can make money on your own schedule, work as much or as little as you want, and there’s no degree or training required to get started!

AttaPoll is one of the many free survey apps that reward you for taking surveys. Download the AttaPoll app and start earning money for sharing your opinions!

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Taking paid surveys can be very interesting work. Sometimes, you get a sneak peek at new products or services before they’re revealed to the general public. It’s also fun to know that your opinions can have an impact on a company’s decision-making process!

While taking surveys for money can be a fun and profitable pastime, your experience depends on the survey company you’re working with. Some survey websites and apps are enjoyable, others are frustrating, and then there are a handful that are downright unusable.

I’ve tested a lot of online survey companies over the years, and it’s definitely a mixed bag. So when I heard about how easy it is to make money with AttaPoll, I was equal parts hopeful and skeptical. It’s really hard to know which paid survey apps will be worth your time until you use them for a while, so I jumped in with both feet to test the waters.

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Here’s my honest AttaPoll review…

Getting started with AttaPoll was easy – I just downloaded the app and set up an account by entering some basic demographic information. Then, I went to the app’s home screen, where there were already dozens of surveys waiting for me!

Right away, I liked the layout of the AttaPoll app. It was easy to see each survey’s payout and the time expected to complete it, so I could decide ahead of time which surveys looked like they might be worth my time.

I saw surveys ranging in pay from 1¢ up to $3 or more, with time commitments of anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes or more. Some days I only had time for a quick survey, and other days I went for the maximum payout.

In my experience, the surveys with the highest payouts were reserved for specific demographics, and these were harder to get all the way through without being disqualified. They were also more time-consuming and seemed to require a higher degree of focus. But when I did manage to complete one of the higher-paying surveys, it was very rewarding!

iPhone showing gift card options

After my survey responses were reviewed and accepted, my earnings were added to my balance in the AttaPoll app.

When it was time to cash out, I could request a gift card, receive a PayPay transfer, or donate my balance to a charity. I opted for an Amazon eGift card, and I received it in a matter of minutes!

The reward options available and the minimum payout threshold vary by country, and I had the ability to cash out starting at $3. Payout options can be seen under the app’s Balance tab.

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If you like using AttaPoll and want to recommend it to your friends, they also have a great referral program. It’s really easy to refer friends, and anyone can be an AttaPoll ambassador – no large social media following is required!

Just open the Refer Friends tab to get your unique AttaPoll referral code. Your friends will get 50¢ for using your code, you’ll get 50¢ for every friend that registers, and then you’ll get 10% of your friends’ earnings. There’s no upper limit to the amount of money you can earn this way!

being disqualified from a survey on AttaPoll app

Are there any cons to using the AttaPoll app?

Even though my experience with AttaPoll was overwhelmingly positive, I have yet to find the perfect survey app. I’ve learned that they all seem to come with a few drawbacks.

Being rejected from a survey after investing time in it seems to be a universal experience, and this happened with AttaPoll too.

After spending so much time entering my demographic information during the registration process, it was frustrating that I had to answer so many of those same questions again at the beginning of many surveys, only to be disqualified. But I’ve learned that this is just part of the process and I always try to factor this process in when determining the true amount of time it will take me to earn money on a survey app.

Another downside is that there’s no way to see the subject matter of a survey before starting it, so it’s hard to know ahead of time whether the subject matter will be of interest.

Finally, as is the case for most survey sites, AttaPoll will make you some extra spending money, but it won’t replace your income. I tried not to think about how much money I was making per hour, but rather how much more money I was making by taking surveys vs. doomscrolling or staring at TikTok. It’s screen time you can feel good about! 😉

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Is AttaPoll legit?

After testing the AttaPoll app for weeks and trying the payout process, I can tell you that not only is it possible to earn legit money on AttaPoll, it’s also very easy!

I spent 15-20 minutes taking surveys about four times per week, and I earned over $12 in about two weeks. I suspect that it’s possible to earn much more than that if I challenge myself, so I plan to keep up with AttaPoll and see where it takes me!

As far as survey sites go, the AttaPoll app was pretty low on the frustration index. The app was very user-friendly, the surveys were interesting, and the payout process was quick and easy.

It’s not a way to get rich quick, but if you’re looking for a way to pass the time in the school pickup line, at soccer practice, or in the doctor’s waiting room, AttaPoll is a fun way to earn a little extra spending money!

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